7 SEO tips and tricks you can try right now

SEO is a dynamic platform which changes every now and then. Every website is trying to keep up with the pace deliberately. There are certain techniques that can keep the rankings of a page at the top for a long time. Follow the tips to cope up with the changes in the SEO formats.

  1. Social media content

The recent trend of incorporating social media content will increase even more as the search engines pick up the trails of the pages easily and rank them in the top list. It is time to become more social and organize your content accordingly.

  1. Mobile format

Mobile optimization is the magical word. A page gains more attention from the search engines when it is smart device friendly. Responsive design of a website is the key to gain better ranking.

  1. Concentrate on keywords

SEO will always be controlled by keywords. Find out the best patterns of keywords that suits your website genre and match the traffic patterns. In-depth analysis and research with keyword generating tools will allow you to find the proper set of keywords.

  1. Links

You should earn good amount of links with the high authority websites so that the page rank increases. Earn more inbound links which is essential for SEO but remember that too much volume of links can result in spamming and the search engines might penalize your uncontrolled action.

  1. Monitor ROI

Check out the statistics of the previous performance of the website so that you can identify which part is not working for and which one is proving to be the most efficient. This will help in figuring out the return on investment so that you can focus more on the promising factors rather than the low yielding parameters.

  1. Local SEO

The next few years will witness the growth in preference of local SEO. The search results will show your page when the search engines will find your location and address. This will help the relevant local audience to find out your page and increase the page ranking.

  1. Mobile app

The current trend is to go for an app development for the business. The apps engage more than a website. Featuring the products and service in the application with proper links will ensure that the search engine finds the app and shows it in the results.


The tips can easily increase the page ranks and show the website in the top results. Use these tips wisely and get the best results.

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